an exclusive collection of 2,222 doomies coming to the aptos ecosystem

reaping souls and dooming to the moon

doomies nft on aptos blockchain


Its quite simple... you buy a doomie, you be a doomie.

By buying into the doomies community you will reap the rewards from some of the best early aptos adopters who are striving to provide tools, alpha hunting as well as other incentives to our loyal holders.

We believe in aptos and will be creating some much necessary tooling to position us as leaders in the Aptos ecosystem.


Phase 1

  • Acquire and consume Adderall
  • Finish doomies artwork
  • Launch Discord, Twitter and Website
  • Giveaway of 1111 whitelist spaces
  • Build sickest community on Aptos

Phase 2

  • Acquire and consume Adderall
  • Unleash doomies onto Aptos
  • List on secondary marketplaces
  • Start serious raids and exclusive giveaways for most active raiders
  • Donate 10% of mint to 2 charities (5% each) voted by community

Phase 3

  • Acquire and consume Adderall
  • Create the DOOMDAO
  • Hire alpha callers to provide early opportunities to holders
  • Add secondary market sales bot
  • Setting up a DOOMDAO treasury (66.6% of royalties)
  • Work with DAO to strategize building war chest with Aptos assets
  • Allocate funds to create open source tools for the Aptos ecosystem (voted on by DAO)

Phase 4

  • Acquire and consume Adderall
  • Create $DOOM token
  • Build staking platform for holders to acquire $DOOM
  • Build ecosystem of useful tools (safe P2P exchange, nft message sender, minting tools, gambling games)
  • Create raffle platform for blue chip NFTs, merch and other Aptos goodies using $DOOM
  • Unleash $DOOM token utility: [REDACTED]
  • Host collaborations with other projects
  • Work with DAO to create gen 2 collection

A lot more coming soon. 👀